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Loudon Fruth Reviews Common Mistakes Made by Novice Skiers

Loudon Fruth

In his experience as a collegiate level alpine skier, Loudon Fruth has mentored many individuals that are new to the sport. While he finds that novice skiers often must practice and refine their technique before they are ready for intermediate-level courses, Loudon Fruth acknowledges that quite a few of the mistakes commonly made by novices are related to their preparedness. In this article, Loudon Fruth discusses two mistakes that he often notices beginners making on runs.

Not Wearing the Appropriate Gear

One issue that Loudon Fruth notices novice skiers consistently make is not wearing the appropriate clothing for the slopes. For example, jeans and leggings have no place on a ski slope, however, people regularly show up to trails wearing them. Skiing enthusiasts recommend investing in quality, waterproof ski pants as well as a waterproof jacket so that your clothes stay dry even after falls. Ski goggles are superior to sunglasses while on the slopes, as ski goggles; stay on your face easier, keep your face warm, and keep the wind out of your eyes. Staying warm on the slopes requires a bit of knowhow, with many recommending wearing layers to maintain temperature. Be wary, though, that skiing will make you warmer and it is important to not dress too warmly or in a way that negatively impacts your movement potential.

Attempting Slopes Outside of Skill Level

When skiers nail their first runs and want to experience a challenge, they sometimes want to try slopes that they are not yet ready for. Novice skiers, even those that have shown a natural talent for skiing, are not yet ready for the diversity that the slopes can offer quite yet. For example, steeps and glades may still fall outside of a novice skiers wheelhouse even if they have shown promise. As with any new skill, take skiing slow and avoid slopes intended for experienced skiers. Work your way up from easy bunny slopes and beginner runs to intermediate laps, and from there perhaps try a more difficult slope (with some guidance).