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Loudon Fruth Provides Skiing Advice

Welcome to LoudonFruth.com. As a college athlete for the St. Lawrence Saints, Loudon Fruth competes in skiing competitions at the highest level. While not everyone can compete in alpine skiing like Loudon Fruth, everyone can enjoy the same love and passion for skiing.  This website will serve as an outlet for Loudon Fruth to provide tips for skiers at all different skill levels. Because Loudon Fruth believes there’s no greater feeling than the joy experienced when headed downhill.

The first step to becoming a skier is having the courage to try. A lot of people deprive themselves the opportunity to enjoy the slopes over a fear of how difficult it will be. It’s important to understand that bunny slopes exist for a reason. No matter the age of the skier, people can always control the size of the slope they tackle. One of the easiest ways to calm fears over skiing is to do research beforehand. Loudon Fruth explains that the more you know before you even put on your ski boots, the better your first few experiences will be.

Loudon Fruth recommends arriving at your ski destination early. Crowds will get larger later in the day. Arriving early gives a skier the opportunity to get comfortable with their equipment and learn the basics from friends, family or trainers at the ski resort. Before arriving for a day of skiing, always check the weather.

The good news is that there’s almost never a bad weather day for skiing – if the right clothes are worn. Loudon Fruth explains that most people who hit the slopes will utilize a three-layer approach. The three-layer approach requires a skier to wear a base layer of clothing that is meant to keep a person dry and wick sweat away from the body. The middle layer is there to keep the body warm and is usually a fleece or wool material. The outer layer must be a waterproof, wind breaker. Waterproof, breathable technology has advanced, and it makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying a day out skiing.

Loudon Fruth understands that the tips above are just the very basics. Future posts will cover topics like the best way to find the proper equipment, when to attempt to advance to a more difficult mountain and ways to improve your skiing away from the mountains.